About helenehages

The photographs by Helene Hages show an innovative search and find and testify her craftsmanship. Her focus on landscapes, vintage cars and architecture lies in the tradition of photography, in contrast to the visualization of the world of glass marbles and paperweights. Her personal style is reflected in the detailed close-up of the aesthetically pleasing glass and metal objects that she isolates to make them stand out. Her style is also reflected in the unusual perspectives of architecture, which she creates through different perspectives.
The play between light and shadow, between transparency and opacity sets them especially in the field of marbles. In this world of small things the silence surrounds the glass objects. She creates an intense expressiveness and leads us to a kind of contemplation in which the seemingly lost memory of childhood comes to life again. At the same time, Helene Hages uses her pictures to document her artistic ability in photography.
Dr. Marga van den Heuvel
Art Historian